Can Pit-Roig is bird paradise

The countryside around us is pretty quiet, but during spring, at daybreak, the birdsong is ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. The garden is full of birds, and they have a lot to say.

We started encouraging them last winter by putting out birdseed and peanuts. We also installed four nesting boxes (with more to come).

It worked – a bloomin’ blue tit bonanza.

And during our walks we are often amazed at how joyously vocal all the wild birds are. At the beginning of spring, their crazy singing mixes with the sound of bees in the acacia trees, and we often stop and just wonder at the complexity and beauty of it all…

And occasionally, it’s like two different birds are trying to outdo each other. I could listen to them sing all day…

So here’s the video I made at 5.45am one morning, just as it was getting light. It was so beautiful to hear, I could have listened for a lot longer… but instead I went back to bed ?

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