The new pool!

Our swimming pool was built in the 1970s, and its age was increasingly starting to show. Then, last autumn, it suddenly started to empty itself, and at that point we didn’t really have any choice but to have it renovated.

Getting the whole thing retiled and changing the filter was not cheap, but it now looks brand new!

When people come to stay with us, we of course allow them to use the pool as much as they want, and decide together when we can also take a dip without getting in their way.

We’re even hoping to keep the pool open a few weeks longer than usual this year – the ceramic tiles seem to absorb the heat of the sun more, and the water temperature can get as high as 28°C, which is pretty warm (but still refreshing on a hot day). 😜

Also, the pool is the best spot to admire the gorgeous sunsets we often have!

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