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Mental load is a term is a term that has become popular recently to signify the invisible cognitive charge brought about by having to organise all things domestic: household tasks, meetings, purchases, kids’ health, etc.

I remember that when I was young and our family went on holiday, my mother thought of everything, and organised everything. Each day, she decided what we were to eat, what shopping had to be done. She gave herself a few hours’ pause in the afternoon, but I know that she was still thinking about everything that had to be done in the coming days. I think she even had more work during the holidays than the rest of the year, during which my grandmother looked after the midday meal.

Nowadays, in addition to all the household chores, there are other preoccupations – children have so many activities they have to do, and organising their/your time can be very complicated.

Even holidays can be an extension of this mental load.

To relax properly, some people choose a club where they are looked after constantly, but you have to like group activities and accept being treated a little like a child.

This is why we’ve created the meals on demand at Can Pit-Roig, and we’ve noticed that guests who choose this option are rested and deconnect completely from the very first day.

The only thing you have to decide is what time you’d like to eat – whenever’s good for you, we’ll adapt.

I think that the partner of the person subject to the mental charge is often exempt from it, and doesn’t really understand what it means. And yet, very quickly, they realise what the other person has been feeling, when they see the positive effects of complete rest.

It allows some people to deconnect completely, and others to think of new projects, create and get back in touch with themselves.

Try the meals option at Can Pit-Roig and experience an energy boost during your stay!

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